Web design

More than a good-looking website. We craft website that reflects and aligns with your business and brands. A website that grows with you as you scale.

Build an online presence

Having a digital presence is more important than ever due to the change of consumer behaviour. We help business build a website that truly conveys their value and provide the aligned experiences a user would experience offline with our expertise in UX/ UI, technology, and marketing.

Our process

  1. Analysis

    We craft the website with a strategic approach. We start from learning the goals of the website and the business of our clients, analysis and research on the competitors and users, which makes our design more solid and helps us craft a website that's scalable as the business grows.

  2. UX and UI flow

    As digital being the forefront, user experience is more important than ever. We think in the users' shoes to lay out the information architecture and the user flow, taking into account responsive web design. It helps us create a digital product that delights users and helps businesses convert.

  3.  Aesthetically delightful

    We embed the message and the value the business would like to convey in the design that's visually pleasant and aligns with the business, streaming the offline experience to online.

  4. Prototype building

    This is the phase where we put our thoughts into practice - a prototype to help us verify our design and to have real feedback from users to optimize the user experience. It also helps with the communication between us and the clients.

Services we provide

1. Frontend

4.UX/ UI Design




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