Tại sao Coronavirus không phải tạo ra sự không chắc chắn cho Tiếp thị kỹ thuật số

Tháng Một 23, 2021

It’s not really a secret that we are living in a bit of a chaotic era due to the COVID-19 virus. As Coronavirus news continues to dominate headlines, schools close, and we are encouraged to practice social distancing by staying at home, it is normal to feel a little panic and anxiety. In fact, the whole thing can really make you start to wonder what comes next and where your business goes from here.

We wanted to share with you how ZGM is changing our own efforts to accommodate for the inherent shifts in our workplace and the industry as a whole. It’s more important than ever that we are more present in our Tiếp thị kỹ thuật số efforts. However, our messaging is now different. We want our clients and community to know that we are here for them and are actively developing ways to show our support.

How to Refocus Your Marketing Efforts to Adapt to Inevitable Changes

We understand the disruption businesses across the globe are experiencing. But, just because the world is putting a bit of a pause on normal operations for a few weeks doesn’t mean you have to stop your digital marketing campaigns. At ZGM, we’re here to help you tackle a few of the most common aspects to increase traffic, build a following, and create a campaign even with all the uncertainty in the world. A few great examples include:

  • Updating your website or blog with the latest company information. This will not only build trust with your customers during this unpredictable time but will keep them up to date on industry happenings and any changes to your business. Keep in mind that your messaging should be tailored to the current situation—sending out the same message to customers and leads doesn’t make sense at a time like this. Take the time to carefully consider the tone and content of your message and ensure it is appropriate. 
  • Adding FAQ pages to your site to help increase search engine optimization. Now more than ever, people are going to be asking questions. So make sure your website has the answers your visitors are searching for.
  • Starting a new paid advertising campaign on Facebook. While people are stuck at home, they’re most definitely going to be scrolling through their phones and truyền thông xã hội. Why not catch their attention with some creative ads and promotions? Aim to create promotions with messaging that your audience can identify with. For example, some of the most eye-catching ads we’ve seen lately have spoken directly to our current work-from-home situation.
  • Sending an email blast with a special offer. If you’re an eCommerce business there’s no reason to slow down on your marketing efforts. Give your quarantined customers a deal they can’t refuse–and one they can use right from the couch.
  • Going live on Facebook or youtube to help answer questions about your industry. Using video to communicate with people not only gives you a platform to explain the changes your industry or business is making, but it provides a more lighthearted and interactive way to keep in touch with people in your community and workforce.
  • Diverting physical marketing budget (for tradeshows, private events, etc.) to digital efforts. If you had set aside a portion of your marketing budget to attend a tradeshow or private event in the next few months and it’s been canceled, that means a little extra cash to spend elsewhere…like on digital marketing and giving your business that extra push!

There are really thousands of more ideas we could give you, but these are just a start. The most important thing to remember is your target audience is likely sitting at home with their smartphone or laptop with a ton of time to read or watch your content.

Keeping Your Audience Up to Date

During times of uncertainty, communication is key—especially when it comes to your customer base. Therefore, as the situation unfolds and evolves, it’s crucial to keep your audience in the loop as much as possible. Social posts, emails, and website banner messages are all effective ways to relay your status as a business and any changes you’re making to adapt to the situation. After all, the web is where customers will be going for this kind of information.

If you’re a small business (or any business) that is looking to keep your customers informed about your response to the latest events, consider updating your Google My Business listing. Here, you can post updated hours, messages to your customers, or notices about changes to your services (such as offering delivery or takeout options). By displaying important information in a convenient, easy-to-find place, you can help ease your audience’s worries and prevent confusion.

Prepare, Adapt, and Communicate to Set the Stage for Success 

There is no doubt that COVID-19 will affect certain industries more than others. But businesses that are prepared to adapt and proactively communicate with their customers will be best positioned to thrive throughout this difficult time. If you own an eCommerce store or are a business that primarily services clients online, there’s a great chance that homebound Americans are going to look to you for what they need versus a brick-and-mortar business. Digital marketing, including paid advertising campaigns, can be a great way to let folks know you’re still open for business and have the items they need to make it through COVID-19 quarantine. (But—for the sake of all of us—please skip the ads for toilet paper or hand sanitizer.)

If you own or work for a brick-and-mortar retail company, now is a good time to modify your product or service offerings to address the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, many people are afraid to be in close contact with other individuals (and for good reason). You can address this head on by disclosing what precautions you’ll be taking, including cleaning and disinfecting your store and preventing sick employees from returning to work. Additionally, you can offer your products or services in different ways, such as taking orders by phone with delivery options, if possible. It’s important to understand the situation and consider how you can modify your business to best serve your customer base during this time of need.

We’re Working from Home and Here to Help!

Not sure how to keep your digital marketing campaigns going on your own? Our Zero Gravity Marketing team is here to help with all of your digital marketing needs—even during the COVID-19 health crisis.

Part of the benefit of working in the industry that we do is that our employees are in a position to be able to work from home. What this means for you is that there is no lag in receiving the excellent service that you’ve already come to know and love from our firm. Our team is here for you, whether it means pivoting your marketing strategy and modifying your service offerings or even to help you improve communication with your customers. Contact our Zero Gravity Marketing team today for more details.

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