Khi nào thì các nhóm trên Facebook phù hợp với doanh nghiệp của bạn

Tháng Một 24, 2021

Social media strategies are an important pillar to marketing success. It’s 2018 though and we’re past setting up accounts across multiple channels and we’ve become pretty well versed in creating original content that grabs attention- so what’s next?  

Facebook Groups for Businesses 

In a world where consumers and the truyền thông xã hội public command the future, it’s important to listen for cues. Facebook, one of the original pioneers in offering a platform for businesses to market, is doing just that. Their new focus on Groups opens a road for businesses to market their products and services while meeting their customers at ground level – where loyalty and bonds can be formed.  

The increased focus on Groups for businesses was part of Mark Zuckerberg’s unveiling at the company’s recent F8 developer conference. With a new plugin and tab, it’s easier than ever for businesses to connect with consumers about the topics that matter most to them and, inevitably, strengthen brand awareness.  
So now that we’ve discussed the why. Here’s are some reasons to get your own business involved in a Group that’s both meaningful and fruitful.  

When to Create a Facebook Group 

While there are so many reasons to add a Facebook Group to your marketing strategy in 2018, we’re going to detail just a few of the specific reasons why -in case you need convincing.   

  1. Add Value to Your Product/Service
    Consider a Facebook Group as an option when you want to add value for customers. Not only are you confident that your product or service is the best they’ll ever find, you can also now offer more ways for customers to get support. An exclusive group for members is a place to ask questions, get expert advice from the pros, and meet-up with other customers to talk directly about your offerings.
  2. Foster a Community of Ambassadors 
    Creating brand ambassadors has been a goal of many a marketing agent over the years. Now Facebook Groups offers the perfect platform to do so. When you’re allowing for genuine feedback from customers, responding from the company persona, and allowing them to become “super fans” then there’s a pretty good chance they’ll speak about you while out in public and help spread the word about your company.
  3. Get in People’s Newsfeeds  
    As a business, you already know how important getting on people’s newsfeeds is while they’re scrolling. It’s one of the best ways to get your message heard. Facebook changed its algorithm and has now de-emphasized business page posts, forcing many businesses to lose reach. Groups are not part of this change. In fact, content from Groups that people are interested in and actively participating with show up more frequently in their feeds.  

How Zero Gravity Can Help  

As a full-service đại lý tiếp thị kỹ thuật số, we keep our finger on the pulse of emerging opportunities to improve your businesses efforts online. Our web experts have experience helping companies get started with Facebook Groups and give you a unique advantage in the market. Not only do we understand what it takes to create a successful Group, but we have proof to back it up.  

When Medical Weight Loss Solutions was looking for a way to create a community, we helped them to create a group where their patients from both of their locations could come together and feel empowered by their weight loss journeys. They can ask questions, share milestones, concerns and fun tips with one another. The group has now grown to 50 members and counting!   

Ready to start a group? Contact Tiếp thị không trọng lực today to get started! 

Nguồn: Khi nào thì các nhóm trên Facebook phù hợp với doanh nghiệp của bạn

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