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Marketing and sales training needs


Your team is working hard but, you’re not seeing the results you want and you’re frustrated. Get the strategic guidance and expert insights you need to crush your goals using the exact framework that has helped thousands of businesses around the world.

You’re Tired of Guessing What Your Sales & Marketing Teams Need to Be Doing to Succeed

Every business has its own set of unique challenges they need to overcome — productivity, marketing, sales, strategy, you name it. Attempting to demystify where your own digital sales and marketing is breaking down is extremely stressful.


Review your overall business strategy and how marketing can contribute

For example, whether the business aims to maximise short-term sales and profits, or to develop long-term customer relationships.

Sales and marketing training options


A marketing training plan should be part of the way you manage employees from the outset. Start with a well-planned induction programme for new employees.

Your Digital Sales & Marketing Strategic Plan

As with any form of training, you should look for reputable suppliers offering training courses with a record of delivering results. Look for recommendations from business contacts and trainers with appropriate marketing qualifications and accreditation.

01.Set measurable objectives and standards.

For example, how many new prospects you need to contact each month and what proportion convert into customers. Or standards for customer service, and measures of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

02.Measure how well you are achieving your objectives.

Get feedback from customers, for example by using customer satisfaction surveys and following up with customers who stop buying from you.

03.Decide what training is required.

  • Training to improve specific marketing activities, such as advertising and PR;
  • developing new capabilities in internet and social media marketing;
  • complementary skills such as using IT;
  • training managers in salesand marketing management.

04.Identify weaknesses

  • Identify weaknesses in the performance of different team members, or the business overall, to highlight training needs. For example:
    • poor sales performance might point to lack of selling technique;
    • shrinking margins might indicate weak negotiation skills;
    • low levels of repeat business suggest a need for customer service training.

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However, the pace at which Digital Marketing evolves makes it difficult for many businesses to (a) understand the latest opportunities on offer; (b) which opportunities are most relevant for a company; and (c) what is the best way to execute and measure success.

HubSpot is an all-in-one, integrated marketing platform


Marketing automation allows you to centralize and automate key marketing actions within your business, usually through a marketing automation software tool like HubSpot.