Como atingir clientes potenciais de forma eficaz no Facebook

24 de janeiro de 2021
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Facebook can prove to be an extremely effective marketing tool–if your business is able to reach the right audience. More than a billion people actively use Facebook, meaning that many of your target clientele likely log on to the social media service daily. However, with such a large userbase, there are also many who have no need for your services and on whom your marketing dollars would be wasted. That’s why it is key to define and target the correct audience of potential customers–and here are six target audiences that will prove to be an effective use of your Facebook advertising budget.

Users Who Are Already Looking at Information About Your Products or Services

One of the many things that Facebook can track is what products and services its users have been searching for online. Since almost three-quarters of potential customers research products online prior to purchasing them, targeting those potential customers who have looked at specific products and services the same as or similar to yours can be extremely effective. Even if a prospective customer isn’t yet familiar with your business, remarketing ads to them that include the product or service they’ve been looking for can capture business from your competitors.

“Lookalike” Users

Assuming your business tracks key demographic information on your customers, targeting “lookalike” users–that is, those who are similar in particular respects to your existing customer base–can be a highly effective way to expand your clientele. Facebook allows businesses to target ads based on a wide variety of demographic factors, from basics such as age, gender, and location to more detailed information such as income level, homeownership status, and interests.

Users Who Have Interacted with Any of Your Business’ Facebook Posts

The basic principle behind targeting this audience is that any users who have engaged with content your business has produced in the past are already at least somewhat familiar with your products and services – making them more likely to interact with you again. Aim your Facebook ads and promoted posts at those who have commented on, reacted to, shared, or even just clicked on one of your business’ Facebook posts in the past to remarket to them and encourage them to visit your website and make a purchase.

Users Who Have Viewed a Video Posted by Your Company

A Facebook user who has spent the time to watch a significant portion (over 95 percent) of a video posted by your business has already confirmed their intent to interact with your brand. In regards to this audience, your marketing efforts are likely to be more effective since they are already familiar with your product offerings. Aiming ads at users that are related to the product or service featured in the video is a powerful strategy.

Users Who Have Spent Time on Your Website

Like those who have watched a video or engaged with a Facebook post from your business, users who have spent time on your website and visited specific key pages have already demonstrated an interest in your line of products and services. In turn, it can be highly effective to target Facebook ads or promoted posts at prospective customers who have shown recent activity on pages of your website such as your homepage and your company’s “About Us” page.

Users Who Are Facebook Friends with Current Followers and Customers

Here again, the reason why this is an effective audience to target is because the members of this group have likely been exposed to your brand and products through their online friends. This word of mouth exposure provides a strong first touch point and presenting this audience with an ad for your product or service alongside a Facebook friend’s post that mentions about their recent purchase from you, can be highly effective.

Ultimately, Facebook makes it easy to target very specific segments of their overall userbase and using this tool effectively can dramatically boost the marketing results your business sees from its Facebook account. Still not sure where to begin? Contact Zero Gravity Marketing today to chat with our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) team to discuss a strategy that’s right for you and your business.

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