Google Ads: isso realmente funciona?

23 de janeiro de 2021
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Many Pay-Per-Click novices might ask the question: does Google Ads work – or perhaps, more importantly, is Google Ads worth it? The simple answer, when considering a marketing strategy, is a resounding “yes.” Google Ads may cost money and time, but it makes good use of both by providing your business with a seamless connection to your potential customer.

But why? And what are some components that maximize its effectiveness? We’ll take you point-by-point on why Google Ads is the soundest marketing decision your company will ever make.

Google Ads Allows You to Stand Above the Rest

When your customers use Google, do you wish to be at the top of the heap, well above the organic search results? If so, then you want to use Google Ads for your business.

Most businesses notice that their landing pages are buried deep down, sometimes on the second or third page of search results – one of the most common issues brands face. This leads to less traffic and ultimately, fewer conversions. The fact is that 75% of people who search for specific keywords won’t go to the second page. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that the landing page you’re targeting with your keywords appears “above the fold” – where people see it immediately. Google Ads helps you do this.

Build a Brand Presence in a Competitive Market

The overall goal is to be the first brand people think about before they even type anything into the search field – but that doesn’t happen immediately. Google Ads ensures that you get the proper attention to build that reputation. With that foot in the door, you can work on increasing your traffic by creating a terrific landing page.

When you stand out in the crowd, you can be sure your brand is easily recognizable over your competitors. Building a brand is more than meets the eye; it is not about merely having an awesome looking logo or company motto, but rather, it is a process. It involves a lot of effort and commitment. This dedication allows you to build customer loyalty and establish long-lasting relationships with your clients.

Good Account Structure Is the Key for Success

It is possible that those who don’t believe in Google Ads’ effectiveness didn’t take the time to learn how to structure their accounts properly. Improper usage leads to poor performance, or even a complete non-starter, which wastes time and effort. An excellent account structure is the foundation for your Google Ads campaign and will dictate how people find you on Google.

Having a properly structured account is fundamental to Google Ads success. You will need strong keywords, ad copy, and landing pages that tie it all together. Keywords are especially important, as many companies fall into the trap of having vague keywords, ones that are not relevant to their business at all, or ones that have bad quality scores.

Negative Keywords Are Important, Too!

Another mistake a lot of people make when structuring their account is forgetting to use negative keywords. It is actually a standard practice used to block irrelevant searches.

While “negative keywords” might sound like a bad thing simply by connotation, this is not necessarily the case. Negative keywords weed out those unqualified leads that waste hundreds of dollars per month in marketing costs. Because of this, it’s just as important to finely tune and craft your negative keywords as it is to have solid ones.

Putting your advertising dollars to good use through Google Ads will make sure your business is immediately visible to potential leads. This visibility results in long-term customer conversion. People naturally look at the first selection on the Google search results page, so make sure your business is the first they see.

Ready to set up a Google Ads strategy for your marketing initiative? Contact the certified experts at Zero Gravity Marketing today to get started.

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