Paid Media

Opening up the door to expose your business to more traffic and leads

Part Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy


Paid media has been seen as a primary method for increasing exposure for the business. Now it can also be seen as a inbound marketing tool, but how?


Budget is the key towards paid media, to enable a long term plan to succeed, you must determine how much you are willing to spend on and how many audiences you expect to reach, budget changes all.


When do you think you succeeded? probably not in the near future, but a step by step goal is crucial to evaluate your effort throughout the plan.

Creative Assets

The tool you use to promote your brand story and product is important, using ads or other method to convey unique selling propositions can be difficult but after finding your power in brevity, you will stand out in the market.

Utilize paid media for effective ROI


Your content—no matter how compelling and strategic it is—needs help getting seen. There’s a lot competing for your prospects’ attention, and the best way to get them to look your way is to apply a precisely orchestrated media strategy behind it—one that targets the right audience at the right time with the right content, in a way that drives toward your marketing and business goals.

With our expertise

Your objectives are our priorities, with experienced members in our team we will tackle problems from every dimension to come up with the best solution that suit your business. 

Search engine marketing (SEM)

With the right approach, you will rise upon all the random searches, let yourself be seen by customers who are seeking for answers.

Content syndication

More voices means more opportunities. Seek industry influencers to increase exposure and word to mouth.

Paid social

You know Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. By utilizing these tools we can enable them to engage on their own term thus grant you result.

Programmatic display

Strategic programmatic display enables better ROI, reporting, most importantly - automation.

Pre-roll and video

Audiences crave for motion nowadays, video is one on of the best approach to catch their eyes.

Native advertising

While targeting worldwide audiences, don't forget that your audience might be close to you. Your content need to suite the local as well!

Paid Social Channels


There are vast amount of channels (tools) that we can use for advertisement, most of them provide innovative useful tools, so to choose the one that suits you is the key.

1. Facebook

- With more than 2.13 billion users and still growing, Facebook is an obvious choice for general brand awareness.

- When you take advantage of the targeting opportunities and promote only your best content with your best ads,

- Facebook is an incredible conversion tool. Facebook is often applauded for incredibly low cost per click, especially when you choose to just boost organic posts.

2. Linkedin

- With more than 500 million users, LinkedIn is a mighty contender in efforts to reach a social audience due to its targeting capabilities and highly engaged users.

- The targeting options are B2B gold because you can reach an audience based on job title or the type of company where people work.

- Do you offer a product, service, or piece of content that can help people advance in their careers or teach them something new about their fields? If so, LinkedIn is absolutely perfect for you. These users are primed for this type of information.

3. Twitter

- Twitter prides itself on providing advertisers an opportunity to create campaigns based on your objective, analyze performance, and reach the right audience, so you can target the best audience possible and drive qualified traffic for conversions.

- The competition is less fierce, offering you an opportunity to truly rise above the clutter if your creatives are strong and your targeting recipe is right.

- There is much less privacy on Twitter than on other social channels, so going viral on the channel can absolutely be done, and boosting it with some marketing dollars can help.

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