Marketing Automation

Boost your productivity and efficiency, and save your time for other important tasks to grow your business.

What's Marketing Automation?


Using software to automate your repetitive marketing tasks, such as sending followup emails and etc. Marketing automation is more than just sending email, it can also help you with your management of CRM, grow your business and much more.

Grow and take your business next level.

Boost productivity and efficiency

Automate your repetitive marketing tasks and plan your marketing ahead to save more time for more important tasks that help grow your business.

Quantify your results

Turn your qualitative efforts into something you can measure. Marketing automation generates reports that tell you the performance of your strategy and ROI, making evaluation of your efforts easier and faster!

Personalize and engage

"Pull" leads in rather than push yourself to leads is the mainstream of digital marketing. With marketing automation, you can provide your audience with more personalized content or experience across channels to attract and engage with them, and turn them into your customers!

Grow your business

Marketing automation helps you identify what's going on with your marketing efforts, automate tasks (so no one would ever forget about a customer), discover the untapped audience and delight your customers, which in turn grows your business.

HubSpot Marketing Automation Software


Grow your business with HubSpot's tools, such as workflows, blogging and etc. Do your marketing tasks in one place. 


  • Create content to attract and engage with your audience with the help of SEO suggestions.

Landing Pages

  • Create a landing page for your marketing events, like webinar fast and without any code knowledge needed. Launch a smart landing page that shows different content based on audience's preference.


  • Using drag and drop feature to edit and create personalized emails to better engage with your audience and save time drafting using templates. Optimize your emails with A/B testing.

Marketing Automation

  • Use marketing automation to guide your leads flow in the customer journey with personalized content and much more. 

Lead Management

  • Let contacts' information and interaction with you flow and be accessible within or across teams, so everyone is synced up. Moreover, it enables you to collaborate with your team to better target your audience and close more deals.


  • Measure your marketing effort and assets in numbers. Know and track performance of forms, contact source, content, campaigns and more with Analytics tools.


  • Assign assets, such as landing pages, forms, dashboards and etc. to the right team or users. Assigning specific content to users and teams is also avaliable.

Social Media

  • Plan and schedule posts and track the engagement and performance in one place. Social Media tools also allows you to track mentions to stay up-to-date and listen to your audience.


  • Plan and develop your content and content strategy with SEO tools to improve the ranking on search engine results and provide your target audience with quality and relevant content.


  • Customize your CTA buttons to capture leads and accelerate conversion rate. You can also learn the performance of CTAs, such as click rate, to optimize them.


  • Know how many contacts and deals your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google ads bring in. Know your ROI and polish your assets.


  • Got other software you want to use with HubSpot? No problem, HubSpot has integration with over 200 software, like Salesforce, Shopify, Canva, Beacon and many more. Grow your business in one place.

Is Marketing Automation A Good Fit For My Business?


Actually, marketing automation is suitable for many business across industry and at different scale. There are successful stories of using marketing automation in business ranging from manufacturing to consumer services and from small to enterprise level. See some examples below!

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