Top Design Trends in 2018 vs. Predictions for 2019

January 23, 2021

As we look forward to what the coming year will bring us, we also need to look back at the great things that came out of 2018. After all, you can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been, right?

Saying design has come a long way in a short amount of time would be an understatement at best. Technology and consumers’ increasing expectations have changed the entire landscape of what we see on the web—both in terms of elements that are great for attracting audiences and items that are now on the must-haves list for all time.

How 2018’s Design Trends Paved the Way

This year can be defined by one word: bold. Everything was a little in-your-face, designed in ways that couldn’t be ignored. The year was characterized by:

  • Bold, bright colors and gradients. These are featured colors that people used to be scared of. Brilliant blues, royal purples, and bright pinks dotted the internet landscape in brand new ways. Contrasting colors made an appearance on the design scene unlike ever before. This wasn’t a time to be timid with color selections; this was a time to go all-out with hues that broke traditional rules. Colors had something to say, and 2018 gave them the perfect stage on which to speak.
  • Bold typography and sans serif fonts.These also spoke for themselves. This was the year of 3D typography, ushering in a brand-new way for audiences to absorb the messages businesses were sending to them. Sans serif fonts appeared everywhere, capturing attention with lettering that used to be off limits in the design world. People came to expect the unexpected, and 2018’s typography trends were up for the challenge.
  • Bold, modern, artistic photography.Boring stock images have found their way to the bottom of the pile. Instead, businesses are looking for real-life photography that elicits emotional responses in ways stock photos simply will never be able to do. It was all about ultra-artsy pieces in 2018—photo shoots that incorporated 3D props or isometric projection with an edgy take on reality.
  • Flat illustrations. Theseprovide a simplistic, minimalistic, modern style that lends itself to the use of icons.
  • Responsive Logos.This trend has become ever-more prevalent in an increasingly mobile economy. A single logo that’s simply scaled down to fit on smaller screens no longer does the trick. Responsive logos have hit the scene as must-have design elements.

Design Predictions for 2019

Some of 2018’s trends are going to continue into the coming year. More than likely, the necessary pieces will close out 2019 as must-haves, rather than trends. While some of the coming designs will elaborate on last year’s innovations, other trends will emerge anew or break away from the stuff we saw last year. Here’s a look at what we expect to see in 2019’s design components:

  • A shift to more neutral tones.Bold, abrasive hues will likely be on their way out as 2019 rolls in. Instead, they’ll be replaced with more neutral color palettes that utilize white, gray, and beige backgrounds.
  • Softer typography.In 2019 you can expect a showcase of calligraphy, script fonts, and hand-drawn lettering, pushing those big, bold fonts from last year out of the way.
  • Authentic photography.Dramatic images will likely fall by the wayside in favor of more authentic photography that showcases brands’ true stories and the people, places, and products they represent.
  • Illustrations and icons will have more depth.3D imagery isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s likely to be even more pronounced as 2019 gets underway. Flat icons and illustrations are quickly becoming a thing of the past as 3D techniques become more mainstream. Similarly, new, organic 3D geometric shapes will begin to be the featured stars in artists’ abstract works that bring imaginations into reality.

What does 2019 have in store for your brand? If you’re ready to embrace the unknown, armed with a team of marketing pros who understand how to make cutting-edge innovations work best for your business, you’ve come to the right place! We’re ready to chat when you are. Reach out to our Zero Gravity Marketing team today!

Source: Top Design Trends in 2018 vs. Predictions for 2019

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