How to Measure the ROI of Your Digital Marketing Campaign

February 3, 2021

.single-post-content img.feat-image{max-width:100%;margin:10px
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It takes money to make money. You’ve heard the adage your whole life, and while you know you are going to have to spend money to grow your business, you also want to know exactly how much business that money is bringing you. One of the great things about digital marketing is that we are able to track several different metrics to show you exactly where your efforts are paying off in a quantifiable way. Here are four of the many metrics we use to determine your Digital Marketing ROI:

Unique Website Visitors

Tracking the new visitors to your website is one of the easiest ways to see if your digital marketing is on the right track. By reviewing how quickly you are gaining momentum, you can see if there are issues with your PPC targeting or your SEO efforts, or if you are effectively drawing people in. Obviously, the more new visitors you have, the higher your chances of converting them.

Bounce Rates

Your bounce rate tells you how many people are visiting your site and then leaving after just viewing that first page. By looking at your bounce rate, we are able to tell how good of a job you are doing at your onsite SEO. You got them there, but if you didn’t convert them, it was for nothing. Studying bounce rates will show you which pages need to be redone and which pages should be emulated.

Qualified Leads

Digital marketing isn’t just about making sales; it’s also about building a strong user base that you can contact on a regular basis. Many SEO and PPC campaigns aim to generate qualified leads, and these can be evaluated to determine if your efforts are bringing in the right people. If the ROI is not paying off, and not enough leads are being collected, then something needs to change. And remember, earning the leads is only half the battle; you still have to contact them afterwards.

Conversion Rate

Of course, your conversion rate is a great way to tell you if you are getting a strong ROI on your digital marketing efforts. Are you capturing new visitors and then making them into customers? Do you have more clients than before you started? Is your bottom line increasing? Then your efforts are clearly paying off.

Digital marketing is a long-term game. Sometimes you will see big changes in your business cash flow right away, and other times it can take a while. However, if you are paying attention to these metrics, it will be clear that you are doing something right and the ROI will be huge. If you are not getting the results you want with your digital marketing efforts, contact Zero Gravity Marketing today. We would love to evaluate your website and let you know where we think we can help.

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