How To Incorporate the Holidays Into Your Social Media Marketing Calendar

January 27, 2021

The holidays are a great time to have some fun on social media. People are sharing pictures, prowling the internet for great deals, and getting really excited about the upcoming events. In other words, your audience is getting social, and you should be, too!

There are plenty of ways to get into the spirit of the season. Consider these holiday social media tips a gift from our Zero Gravity Marketing team to yours:

Decorate Your Pages

Your social media pages are the windows to your company’s personality. Have fun with them!

Add Accents to Your Logo

Spice up the excitement of the holidays by adding fun holiday accents to your logo. Perhaps you integrate candy canes into your lettering, or maybe you incorporate a snowy landscape to serve as a backdrop for your font. You could add shiny bows and ribbons to your letters or change the shape of a few alphabetic characters so they reflect a symbol of the season.

Update Your Cover Photo

Play around with your cover photo by adding a holiday video or a photo that’s created with this festive season in mind. Just be sure to stay on brand with your business.

Starbucks’ Facebook video cover is a great example of ways to switch up the initial greeting your customers see while still portraying exactly what the business is about. They’ve created a fun way to unwrap delicious coffees, which still maintain a special holiday appeal after the gift wrap disappears.

Get creative and have fun. This time of year only rolls around once every twelve months!

Create Holiday Contests & Campaigns

Consumer engagement is essential if you want to have a successful business. This is the perfect time to pique your audiences’ interests. Around the holidays, everyone is looking to save money, imbibe in awesome sales, and get in on great giveaways. This is your time to shine!

Tout About Your 12 Days of Deals

Get a little kitschy by cashing in on some tried and true holiday songs. Everybody knows “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” which means this song is the perfect way to for you to put a bit of fun play into your social media endeavors.

Choose 12 deals that will benefit your customer base. Maybe you offer 10% off on the 10th day of Christmas. Or perhaps you offer buy-one-get-one-free when you get to the partridge and pear tree. Find fun ways to incorporate the 12 days into your social media outreach; people will surely respond.

Integrate Instagram Into the Fun

People love sharing photos on social media. By integrating Instagram into the mix via an “Enter a Holiday Photo to Win” competition, you’ll increase consumer engagement and bolster your shareability. Be sure to interact with folks as they post photos, and don’t forget to choose a fun hashtag that will bring your entrants to a central location on social.

If you’re not up for competitions, consider an option that enables customers to get 10% off if they show you their holiday spirit. This is also the perfect time for a relevant hashtag, but if you’re not social media savvy just yet, customers can show you they’ve tagged you on their phones when they get to the register.

Bolster Your Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

These two dates are crucial for holiday sales. Make sure you’re online and interacting with customers. Post funny memes and keep your customers up-to-date about the latest steals and deals as they’re occurring.

Other Fun Ideas

Utilize your stories to show the way your store showcases the displays. Also, use stories on both Instagram and Facebook to run contests and giveaways with ease. Don’t forget to include photos that depict the employee fun and holiday parties going on within your organization.

Create ‘Caption This’ Campaigns

Using UGC (user generated content), ‘Caption This’ is a great way to ask followers to caption your holiday-themed photos. You can share the entries across your entire social media interface, opening other opportunities for engagement.

Get Creative with Craft Ideas and Recipe Schemes

No matter your industry, a little craftiness can go a long way. Find fun ways to incorporate DIY craft ideas and recipes into your posts so people will become inspired about the interesting things they can do with your products.

Zero Gravity Marketing is your one-stop shop for everything social media-related. Reach out to us to learn how our results-driven campaigns can help your business during the holidays (and beyond)!

Source: How To Incorporate the Holidays Into Your Social Media Marketing Calendar

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