How Facebook’s Focus on Groups Can Benefit Your Business

January 24, 2021

In recent years, Facebook has seen tremendous growth in its groups feature. This was especially apparent in their March 2020 redesign, which placed a greater emphasis on the platform’s communities. Quickly becoming one of Facebook’s most popular elements, groups – when integrated into your company’s marketing strategy – can have a major impact on your digital presence.

Why is that? According to Zero Gravity Marketing’s (ZGM) Senior Marketing Strategist, Ashley Helmus, “It’s all about engagement! Groups are a great opportunity for like-minded people to share interests and insights with a centralized focus. Facebook has even allowed advertisers to market within the groups – talk about increasing revenue!”

Below, we’re diving deeper into Facebook’s newfound focus on groups and how it can benefit your business. Let’s take a look!

The Appeal of a Group

Facebook groups help add to your company’s reach on the platform, beyond only having a company page. On a business page, any posts from users get stored under the “Community” tab, making them hard to find (and less effective). However, in groups, you and other users receive notifications when someone submits a new post, allowing you to engage with members in real-time and forge relationships that can benefit your brand in the long run.

Additionally, groups cultivate a sense of exclusivity among your audience, especially when you create private ones. Members feel safer when expressing themselves or posting feedback, which can lead to more engagement. Facebook has also updated its algorithm to put posts from groups at the top of users’ news feeds. This helps to ensure that your content doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. More customers will be able to see – and choose to engage with – your messaging than they would if you relied solely on Facebook ads or your main account.

Constructing a Community

By bringing people together in a group that’s centered on your brand, you’re building a community of users who are interested in your products and services. Not to mention, because groups allow you to speak directly with your customers, you get the opportunity to showcase your expertise while simultaneously demonstrating your dedication to customers.

Building Relationships

Many Facebook users turn to groups to ask questions or give feedback and, when they do, those posts are visible to other community members. If you answer these questions or respond to feedback – both good and bad – publicly, you can show current and potential customers that you encourage their input and use it to improve your products and services. Not only does this allow you to build brand loyalty with those who have already purchased from you, but it can also generate revenue by inspiring new customers to choose you over your competition.

Expanding Your Reach

Another way to stand apart from your competition is by collaborating with established groups within your target audience. Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager is essentially a search engine for Facebook creators, where you can find relevant influencers on the platform that relate to your business or your target demographic. You can connect with these group administrators and work directly with them to offer exclusive deals to their members. This ultimately increases brand awareness and expands your customer base, leading to an enhanced return on investment.

Make the Most of Facebook Groups with Help from an Expert Team

Interested in utilizing Facebook groups for your business? The Zero Gravity Marketing social media team can assist you in establishing your company’s presence on the site and make sure you get the most out of its features. Contact us to get started!

Source: How Facebook’s Focus on Groups Can Benefit Your Business

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