How Does a Digital Marketing Firm Keep Up on the Ever-Changing Landscape of SEO?

January 23, 2021

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As an SEO company, it is our job to know everything there is to possibly know about search engine optimization—the only caveat is that the world of SEO is never stagnant. Whether it’s algorithm updates or changes to the way your competition does digital marketing, SEO changes regularly. Which means our job as an SEO agency is to never stop learning.

While we learn a lot from industry leaders and through testing our concepts, one of the most beneficial ways we stay in the know is by attending Digital Marketing conferences as an SEO company. This year, there are two big ones that we are ecstatic to be attending:

HubSpot’s Inbound Conference

Taking place from September 25-28, in Boston, MA, this is easily one of the most popular digital marketing conferences in the industry. And luckily for us, it’s pretty close by. Inbound is unique because it focuses on the human side of SEO instead of just the technical side. Inbound is known for having some of the best keynote speakers around, and this year is no exception. Already on the books is:

  • Brit Marling – The creator of The OA, a Netflix original series
  • Issa Rae – The star of Insecure, HBO’s critically acclaimed series
  • Mario Batali – A world-renowned chef, entrepreneur, and author
  • Adam Grant – A highly sought-after TED speaker and best-selling author

In addition to the keynote speakers, Inbound offers nearly 300 educational breakout sessions from some of the most respected people in the digital marketing industry. There are usually about 20,000 attendees at Inbound, so there is definitely going to be a lot of networking going on, and we can’t wait.


From July 17-19, you will find a portion of our digital marketing team at the MozCon digital marketing conference in Seattle, WA. This three-day gathering will provide invaluable insight into the latest SEO trends, including forward-thinking views on mobile, social media, content marketing, analytics, brand development, and the all-important customer experience. Moz is usually the first site to break important SEO news, and we are excited to learn more about improving rankings and using data to drive decisions in today’s digital marketing landscape. Plus, we hear they have a robot named Roger who likes to give hugs, so that should be pretty fun.

Search Engine Land’s SMX East

On October 24-26, our search team will be attending the only marketing expo that is dedicated completely to search marketing: SMX East in New York City. Since this is the biggest facet of the digital marketing field, we are pretty thrilled to get our hands on the latest and greatest tricks and tactics for search marketing. Put on by Search Engine Land, a go-to publication for search marketers, SMX East is sure to arm us with an abundance of information so we can keep our clients ahead of the search curve and in front of their competitors.

As an SEO agency, we take our job of staying in the know seriously. We can’t wait to use our insight from these digital marketing conferences to continue to improve our clients’ rankings and overall online presence. To learn more about Inbound or MozCon, or to inquire about how our reseller SEO services work, contact us now.

Source: How Does a Digital Marketing Firm Keep Up on the Ever-Changing Landscape of SEO?

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