Google’s Rich Cards

January 26, 2021

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What You Need to Know About Rich Cards in Google Search Results

Companies everywhere are taking advantage of rich snippets, allowing them prime real estate on the SERPs. From recipe cards to movie times to event lists, rich snippets are a way for brands to feature their information while providing a more user-friendly experience. Now, Google is taking this extreme usability to another level with the introduction of rich cards.

What Are Rich Cards?

In short, rich cards are a new way for companies to show up on the search results. Just like rich snippets, rich cards rely on structured markup ( to function and they show up at the very top of the page when queried; however, the display is more visual and alluring.

rich cards displayedrich cards displayedHow Will Rich Cards Be Displayed?

As the name implies, the rich cards will be larger and rectangular in shape. They will be targeted to mobile users, so the rich cards will take up a large portion of the screen, but they will be on a carousel format so the user can effortlessly scroll left and right between the results. In fact, the rich cards look a lot like the sponsored product ads from AdWords that can be seen now, but rich cards can show up organically. Google has stated that the rich cards for a particular query can contain a mix of websites or multiple rich cards from the same site.

Who Can Use Rich Cards?

Currently, rich cards are only available for brands offering recipes or movies and they only appear on mobile searches performed in English. But this does not mean you should skip out on structured data markup. Google promises that other industries will soon be able to take advantage of rich cards. There are hundreds of things you can identify with Schema markup vocabulary. When Google unveils rich cards for other industries or purposes, make sure your markup is already in place.

Why Use Rich Cards?

Rich cards provide an excellent way for brands to stand out in Google search results. When done correctly, they give companies a priceless position on the SERPs in a format that was previously only be available through AdWords.

How To Get Rich Cards Into Your Site

Schema markup (complex code working behind the scenes) is required to take advantage of rich cards. The process includes discovering which fields need to include the schema markup, performing testing to make sure the structured data was done correctly, submitting a site map, and, of course, studying results and making improvements.

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