Google Search Update – Restaurants Take Note!

January 26, 2021

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Whether you’re in a new city or you just want to find someplace to eat in your own town, there’s a good chance you turned to the Google search app to see your options. It’s become a habit to quickly type in “Italian Restaurants in Branford CT” and search through results until you find the restaurant that works best at that moment.

Now, Google is making it easier than ever to get to the most delicious Italian restaurant that also offers premier service. Recently, the search engine giant made changes to its restaurant search results within the Google app by incorporating reviews, critiques and rankings. The goal is to provide searchers with the most relevant results — placing a higher priority on the highest-rated restaurants in any given area.

Here are few of the factors that play into these search app results:

  • Reviews from reputable restaurant critics. Google is taking into account the opinions of expert resources in the restaurant industry, such as Zagat or Michelin.
  • Online reviews from people who have enjoyed meals at the restaurants in the area. Reviews on TripAdvisor and Yelp are becoming increasingly important to the overall success of any restaurant. High rankings on these review sites may impact a restaurant’s ability to appear in the top results on the SERP.
  • Lists that mention particular restaurants as the top places to eat in the city, state or region. Top 10 lists and other list-style content is powerful and popular, and Google will use these results to help rank restaurants for the SERP.

For select restaurants across the country, you’ll even find that Google displays the average amount of time that diners spend at a particular location. This helps searchers determine the right location for their next meal, and gives them a chance to plan their day or evening with more certainty.

Ultimately, Google is looking to improve the search experience for the end user. They have always worked to provide people with the most relevant and accurate results, and this is one more way they are personalizing results in order to cater to the needs and desires of consumers.

Anyone who is using the Google app to search on a mobile device will see that this feature is now live!

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Source: Google Search Update – Restaurants Take Note!

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