Five Ways to Get More People to Engage with Your Emails

January 27, 2021

Email is one of the best ways to send traffic to your website, drive conversions, and keep engaged with your audience. Brand emails and automations have been around for years, but they can also be easily overlooked in a cluttered mailbox. Email marketing campaigns are only effective if they are actually being opened and the links are being clicked on. Here are a few simple steps you can take to make sure your email campaigns are successful in converting traffic to your website.

1. Evaluate Your Email List and Who You’re Sending To

The first thing you need to look at is the list of people you are sending your emails to. Is this list up to date? Be sure to remove inactive subscribers from your list to make sure you are still reaching all the people that you want to. Being inactive for around six months is a good indicator that they are no longer interested in your services but could potentially be brought back into the fold with a re-engagement campaign. In addition to this, segmenting your email list is also an effective tool. Some emails are only relevant to some subscribers and the less “junk” people are seeing in their inbox from you, the better. If you are only sending people emails that pertain to them, they are more likely to engage with the content you’re providing. You can do this by adding tags to subscribers based on their information you have, such as past purchases, or if they are a new user. Segmenting by demographics such as location or interests is also a good way to clean up your email list and make sure people are getting emails that will generate traffic to your website.

2. Make Sure You Aren’t Going to Their Spam

Another good practice to follow for email campaigns is to make sure your emails aren’t ending up in the junk folder. Spam filters are very sophisticated and there are a few steps you can take to make sure your emails aren’t being flagged as such. First, you should check that the people on your email list have actually subscribed to your emails and make sure you are sending them through verified domains and with clean code. Be sure to include instructions on how to whitelist your emails and add you to their address book, in addition to adding an easy way to unsubscribe if necessary.

3. Timing Is Key

Perhaps the most important part of any successful email campaign has to do with the timing of the emails themselves. Which day of the week, time of the day, and how often to send these emails is essential for an email campaign to register with recipients. Depending on the content you are providing, it might make sense to send emails at a certain time of day such as before, during, or after work. The same is also true for which day of the week to send emails. Based on research, no one day is the clear frontrunner, but weekdays tend to do better than weekends.

4. Have an Eye-Catching Subject Line

The subject line is another important aspect of email campaigns. You want the subject line to be captivating and entice the reader to open the email in the first place. Using jokes, fun and clever language, as well as a friendly writing style will help make your subject line more inviting for people to open and read. This is also a good place to use keywords that people might be searching for on your website to help draw them in, run split tests to determine what your audience prefers, test emojis, and add personalization such as first names in a subject line.

5. Upgrade Your Website to Mobile-Friendly

Making sure your emails are mobile-friendly is also a good practice for digital marketers in 2020. About 41.9% of email opens come from mobile users, so making sure they are formatted to work properly on them is an absolute requirement. If people can’t access your emails until they can get to a computer, you will be missing out on customers you could have otherwise converted.

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Source: Five Ways to Get More People to Engage with Your Emails

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