Exit-Intent Popups: What Are They & How Can They Increase Conversions?

January 24, 2021

When it comes to marketing, success often comes down to getting the right message in front of a specific audience. But to do that, you need to understand the context surrounding those audience members. Who are these people? What do they need, and why are they looking for it? These are all critical questions to answer. Luckily, technology has made this easier than ever.

Exit-intent popups, for example, are exactly what they sound like—a message that is automatically triggered whenever a user is about to leave a particular website. In other words, they’re designed to be specific, personalized opportunities to convince someone to stay on your site. Plus, you can even adjust your messaging based on the page the user happened to be viewing at the time.

But what are exit-intent popups, and what role do they play in your effort to increase conversions? The answers to these questions require you to keep a few key things in mind.

The Art of Exit-Intent Popups: Breaking Things Down

When most people think about popup advertisements, imagine irritating boxes that pop up out of nowhere and harm the user experience of a website, not help it. Thankfully, those days are over. While exit-intent popups still resemble traditional popup advertisements, the technology behind them allows you to deliver properly timed messages that people actually want to see.

According to a recent study, roughly 70 to 96 percent of the people who leave your site will never return. By capitalizing on an opportunity to customize a popup message for each visitor in a non-obtrusive way, you’re doing more than just fighting statistics. You’re also adding to the user experience in a meaningful way, thus making them think twice about exiting in the first place.

For example, if a user attempts to exit your site with an item still in their cart, you could use an exit-intent popup to offer a one-time discount. Similarly, if someone has been viewing a product page and is about to leave, you could prompt them to schedule a live demonstration so they can learn more. You could even offer access to an eBook, a relevant blog post, or a free trial.

By re-engaging with your visitors at this critical moment via a targeted, relevant, and valuable offer, you increase your chances of conversion. And, at the very least, you’ll persuade users to spend more time on your domain. In a larger sense, exit-intent popups are an excellent way to nurture visitors at a pivotal point in the buyer’s journey. In doing so, you can increase your conversions across the board.

Utilize All of the Best Digital Marketing Tools with Help from Zero Gravity Marketing

When utilized correctly, exit-intent popups are an excellent way to increase your conversions. Luckily, Zero Gravity Marketing is here to help you develop a robust digital marketing strategy that utilizes the most cutting-edge, effective tools.

For more information about exit-intent popups, or to schedule a meeting with one of our marketing experts, contact us today!

Source: Exit-Intent Popups: What Are They & How Can They Increase Conversions?

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