We bring your business upstream into the brand’s value proposition and downstream into today’s curious customers.


People-based Marketing


Using a human- centric, solution- based framework, we create a meaningful experience that aligns your brand values, communications and business model.

  •  Brand Identity
  • Brand Equity Audit
  • Brand Refresh
  • Brand Application
  • Digital Strategy
  • CX & Service Design
  • Visual Positioning
  • Visual Identity System

Innovative Solutions


We believe having a diverse team is essential in nurturing a culture of innovation. Our team works in an agile and bold practice that allows everyone reach his potential.

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    Marketing Manager
  • Erik and the Tenten team take your growth of the company to the next level.
    General manager, friDay Shopping
  • “HubSpot enabled us to execute on our growth strategy with confidence - helping us grow MRR by 270% in the first 12 months of our engagement.”
    Marketing Director, Wyeth

Our Approach to Fuel Your Business


We create and execute strategies that help brands make lasting impact. We believe there are better ways for brands to connect with consumers, partners, and channels.

  1. Insight

    At Tenten, we always start with why. We take an honest look at your current brand perception through evaluation of what the company, employees, and competitors are currently doing and saying. We provide sophisticated market analysis along with a well-rounded buyer persona that can be used to guide your marketing efforts and social outreach.

  2. Creative Strategy

    We believe in branding from inside out. Starting with your brand's value proposition, we define who you are, what your brand stands for and why your brand matters to your customer. Then we craft a meaningful experience to enable connections between your brand and customer.

  3. Brand Activation

    Powered by the data and creativity, your brand is positioned for long-term success. From the deepest understanding of your brand's essence, we help you continuously communicate your values to your customers in the modern marketing world.

See Who We Have Helped Grow


We work very closely with our clients to seamlessly service them and to drive innovation and growth. During the last decade, we’ve worked with a diverse range of clients and we are proud of what we do and the results we achieved. Some of our recent works are:

We focus on accelerating clients business growth.


We are a team of doers, makers, and creators that are invested in our clients success.