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With HubSpot, CancerIQ was able to quickly onboard new sales team members and empower them with the knowledge and tools they needed to drive new leads and sales—all in the middle of a global pandemic.

Jasmine Hook

"HubSpot brings a 10x multiplier in terms of both ease of use and speed of use.

Michael Cooper

With the HubSpot CRM I’ve been very impressed that HubSpot hit the ground running on some features that other competitors had missed.

James Black

Our email, social media, landing pages and site pages are all driven through the HubSpot software. It just makes the analytics so much easier and you can see the effect of what you are doing at every stage.

Lisa Goodwill

We can launch campaigns across a variety of online properties simultaneously with HubSpot - and measure the results in real time. Whether it’s our blog, an email campaign, landing pages, or even paid search, we’re no longer stuck having to manage just one at a time.

Ashton Spagg

HubSpot was exactly what our business and our clients needed. Finally, I could see at a glance what worked and would needed tuning. But even more importantly, I could show my clients their return on their investment. Now we are building trusting relationships.

Margo Brown

I liked HubSpot because it seemed to be a blend of functionality and simplicity; some of the other solutions were impractical and I was trying to make it an easy enough tool for the whole marketing team to get their heads around, and HubSpot met that.

Leo Rodgers

HubSpot CRM allows us to effectively manage both our sales and production cycles in a way that's never been done before. The CRM has increased the number of deals we close and improved the accuracy of our manufacturing process.

Milla Yoshi

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