The Return of Audience Optimization

January 23, 2021

The word optimization is funny, you know? At least how we use it online.

Search engine optimization. Social media optimization. Over-optimization.

(By definition, it’s impossible to over-optimize. Going beyond optimal is no longer optimal. But I digress).

Optimization is a good thing, if you think about it the way copywriters did before the Internet. It wasn’t about algorithms or social sharing button placement. It wasn’t about “big data” beyond what people responded to.

In other words, the optimization of online content is about making it near-perfect for the people you’re trying to reach. Everything else follows, including the all-mighty traffic.

The language people use when searching is invaluable. The topics they desire to know about are the topics you need to create authority around.

Not because search engines send targeted traffic. Not because certain topics get shared on social networks and more traffic comes your way.

It’s because that’s the language and the topics that matter to your people. The very people you’re trying to lead. The people you want to do business with.

Traffic is a means to an end. What are you really after?

Find that and work backwards. But begin with the audience in mind.

Source: The Return of Audience Optimization

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