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Are you looking for digital marketing that works?

We use CRM and data-driven strategies that combine inbound marketing, content marketing, sales strategy and web design to generate more leads and grow customer loyalty

Account-Based Marketing

Conversational Marketing

CRM Integrations and Inbound Marketing

Web Design and Development

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Their HubSpot and general inbound expertise are second to none. Our only regret is that we didn't partner with Tenten sooner!

Inbound Marketing

Full-scale strategy and execution for HubSpot-optimized inbound campaigns.

Sales Enablement

Lead scoring, segmentation, workflows…for sales teams of 10 or 100.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Custom dashboards, advanced reporting, and data-driven decision making are all within reach.

Are you a ambitious company
looking for business growth?

Tenten is a Taiwan-based growth agency working across a range of leading and emerging digital channels to help businesses grow their brand, audience and profits. Whether you need help with inbound marketing & sales, chatbots, account-based marketing, API integration, CRM implementation, website design or expert training, we’ve got you covered.

Creating digital strategy and managing all aspects of delivery, Tenten considers itself a performance-led agency. We work closely in collaboration with clients to provide them with a clear return on investment and achieve truly impressive results.

1. Strategic: An extension of your marketing and sales team.

We are intimately familiar with your businesses goals and strategies. We help you execute CRM, sales targets, inbound marketing, account-based marketing and help define and integrate your tech stack.
Duration: 3 - 12 months+

2. Support:  A flexible & versatile team of experts available on-demand.

We will enhance the level of expertise and train your team resources to introduce new marketing and sales methodologies. We will tackle periodic marketing and sales campaigns.
Duration: 1 - 6 months

3. Project: Flat rate execution of clearly defined projects.

No need to be bound to an ongoing engagement. Projects can include a new Growth Driven Design website, HubSpot onboarding, HubSpot CRM training, landing page templates, animation or talking head video.
Duration: 1 - 6 months

Are you looking for better results at scale and with less effort?